{Alice in Wonderland Photo Shoot} Welcome to Our Wonderland!

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of collaborating on a creative photo shoot with Laura Winslow Photography. I was asked to style an Alice in Wonderland tablescape and surroundings. Giddy with excitement, I rolled out of bed at 4:15am to load up the car and head to the shoot. It was held at the estate of a well known family in our area. It couldn’t have been more gorgeous! What an experience! The entire shoot went off without a glitch, thanks to Laura’s organization and fabulous attitude. The girls (and one boy!) showed off gorgeous clothing and accessories. The flowers and baked goods topped off the table perfectly!

I never imagined it would turn out quite this beautiful…..

Thank you to all of the fabulous vendors involved in the styling portion of the shoot!

Photographer :: Laura Winslow (Gilbert)
Tablescape Styling/Accessories & Party Goods :: The TomKat Studio (Chandler)
Cupcakes & Cookies :: Decadent Delights (Gilbert)
Poms, Lanterns, Napkins, Cups & Paper Plates :: Polka Dot Market
Flowers :: Zuzu’s Petals (Mesa)
Hair Accessories :: Dolce Vita Mia (Gilbert)
Tutus :: Tiny Belles Boutique

To view MORE PHOTOS and a complete list of clothing & additional sources,
please visit Laura’s full post
The Alice in Wonderland Party Collection is now available in The TomKat Studio SHOP!


  1. 1

    Jordan - Polkadot Prints says

    This is just gorgeous Kim! Love it, so eclectic, fun and vibrant! You did a great job of styling!! xo

  2. 2

    jess @ pen n' paperflowers says

    Beautiful Kim…The color scheme is fun, the mix of eclectic flowers for arrangements caught my eye. And do tell me about the large flower attached to the end of the table. Speaking of the table…one of my favorite elements – under that beautiful tree!! Everything turned out so pretty.

  3. 4

    Sweetly Sweet says

    This is AMAZING Styling and AMAZING Photography! I really think you were born to do this! Congrats on an awesome job! I think this will redefine the way people think about birthdays… I really do! And I am so glad to be a witness of it!

  4. 6

    JannaScraps says

    Kim- love your stuff! You have a flair for designing parties and styling them to a T! Really enjoy your blog! Take care!

  5. 8

    Michelle @ West 35th Baby says

    Beautiful, Just Beautiful!!!!! You are all SO very talented…. I can spend hours on your blog, I love it!!!!

  6. 17

    Bird says

    What a great collaboration!! Wonderful job!

    I love the table centrepiece with that large sunflower!!

    Well done!!

  7. 18

    Save the Date for Cupcakes says

    I loved it Kim! I was wondering where the shoot took place too! You always give up the good deets;o) Thanks for sharing!

  8. 21

    Jacqueline Long says

    AMAZING! One of my favourite items on the table is the cupcake stand that looks like it has jewels like a chandelier! Where did you get something like this?

  9. 25

    Jade says

    This is great! I wish I would have seen this site before hosting my daughter’s 6th birthday, which was an “Alice in Wonderland” theme! I love the bright colors. Thought I’d post some other ideas in case any of you are hosting an “Alice” party. We had a long Mad Tea Table set up in the back yard. Alice in Wonderland’s soundtrack played “I’m late, I’m late” as guests scurried up the sidewalk to our front door where they went through the “rabbit hole” where Alice and guests awaited them on the other side. When the guests got to the table, they were frantically instructed to “paint the roses red”. We had cheap faux white roses in vases with paintbrushes and washable red paint (emphasis on washable!) and let the children do a little painting as the Red Queen (my mom) stood by igasping in horror. After that, the guests were treated to tea party fare as the Mad Hatter entertained them. We were lucky enough to have the Mad Hatter (unfortunately it was not Johnny Depp) come and entertain the chidren for one hour. After tea time and entertainment it was already time to cut the cake and eat cupcakes all adorned with “Eat Me”. The guests left with a brightly colored top hat, a tea bag, and a teapot necklace for the girls. This was a party for both boys and girls alike! Another idea I had planned if we would’ve had the time, was to buy those cheap pink yard flamingos (turn them upside down and tie the metal stakes together with floral tape and ribbon) and some balls and play “croquet”. That would be another fun activity for an “Alice” party!

  10. 28

    kam says

    where did you get all of the bright colored vases/compotes? i’m doing a baby shower and would love to use something like these. Beautiful tablescape!


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