{Sweet Customers} Sierra’s Ballerina Birthday Party!

I am so excited to share this gorgeous BALLERINA birthday party with you! Our sweet customer, Stephanie contacted us about creating this theme and how I could I resist? My own daughter is taking her first dance class right now and it’s just tutu cute! Stephanie and I worked together on the color scheme {pink, of coures} and I thought a cute tutu dress illustration would be perfect! I was so thrilled when I received the party photos from Stephanie, taken by her talented photographer, Monika Branley. Stephanie did such a beautiful job styling the party including making the lovely flower cake and topper! She is just starting a new cake business in Australia called, For The Love of Cake! I have a feeling with her talent, she will be very busy! Enjoy….

Could it be any cuter? I’m in love!

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      She probably made it herself?? I’m just guessing, but if you search on Etsy, there’s plenty of sellers that make them. I made one holding a cupcake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. =)

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      Stephanie Vercoe says

      Hi Boo, Jennifer is right. I made this topper myself. Etsy does have heaps of cute ones though.

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      Stephanie Vercoe says

      Hi Tara, I did style it myself and made all the desserts. I took loads of inspiration from TomKat Studio though.

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        Leslie S. says

        Super cute party Stephanie!

        May I ask where you got the wire dress frame? I’ve been looking for one just like this with no success! Thanks! :)

  1. 13

    Windy says

    This makes my heart so happy. I WISH I could have had a party like this when I was a young girl. I can’t wait to do it for my daughter when she is old enough. LOVE IT. LOVE the cake and topper, too cute.

  2. 15

    Cindy Cade says

    How beautiful! It takes my breath away. I remember when you used to make simple spaghetti! You have your mother’s talent and hear and then some.

  3. 16

    Tammie says

    Wow! This is gorgeous…I love the way everthing came together. It definitely takes some talent to put it all together so beautifully.

  4. 19

    Leslie S. says


    I am in the midst of planning my 5 year old daughter’s ballerina birthday party right now! This is SO SUPER CUTE! I hope my party turns on as cute as this! :) <3

  5. 21

    Shirl says

    I WILL be doing this for my granddaughter! She is 5 and is a little ballerina but it won’t be a birthday party it will be just a frilly, fun tutu day!!!!

  6. 23

    Jennifer says

    In several of the parties I have noticed adorable polka dot or striped drinking straws…is this a product you sell or can you share where you find them? Thanks!

  7. 25

    Mari says

    I would love to know where can i get the Balloons, the one that is inside of the other one. please help. Btw this party came out beautiful/ Im doing it for my daughter in March. Thank you in advance for your help!!

  8. 26

    Marilyn says

    I absolutely love your site/blog!! Fabulous ideas!! You’re very creative! Would you be able to tell me where you bought the Wire Dress Form from?


  9. 27

    Lara says

    HI! This is awesome and very inspiring! I would love to know where i could buy the wrought iron dress form. Thank you!

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