Kid Crafting: Tommy’s "Beautiful" Painting


This is what happens when you leave your 3-year old alone in the craft room for 5 minutes (or maybe 10 minutes?) Keep in mind, I gave him a little bit of ONE color to paint with. He went ahead and helped himself to Mommy's stash. I was upset at first (this isn't washable paint), but when he looked up at me and said, "But, I was making a beautiful picture for ... Read More

TomKat Studio Photo Frames: Evelyn


Meet Miss Evelyn! I have decided to "name" each frame that I make. That way if you ever see one you like, just remember her name and I'll know which one you're talking about! Plus it is just plain fun to look at the style of the frame and come up with a fitting name!Evelyn was made using my favorite square 12x12 frame. The paper used to dress her is a green ... Read More

Reader Question: Family Photo Arrangements


{image via hgtv}Hi Kim! We had the kids pictures professionally done last September and have yet to frame them. Do you know a good place or what's the most cost effective way to get something framed? They are way too nice to just stick in any frame. :) - Lorie~Hi Lorie! Thanks for asking, this is a great idea for a post! If you are lucky enough to have a ... Read More

Invitations: Happy Jack Birthday


I decided it was time to start working on some BOY birthday invitation designs! I tend toward PINK....I can't help it, I'm a girly girl! These little "jacks" were inspired by some decals my crafty friend, Thuy had used on a really cute birthday card she made the other day! I love finding inspiration in strange places. I read an article about blogging once ... Read More

Happy 50th Birthday Barbie!


I ran across an article last week in the Tribune, "Fashion World Celebrates a Birthday for Barbie". It's Barbie's 50th Birthday! I've always been a fan of Barbie, especially the vintage Barbies with their fabulous outfits. I mean, she's tall, thin, glamorous & beautiful....what's not to like?Here's Barbie's birthday website: Click HereBarbie even has a ... Read More

Baby Shower Idea: Divas & Diapers


Looking for a fresh idea for a Baby Shower? Last fall, I hosted an evening soiree baby shower for my best friend, Kristi. A friend of mine, Kelly had told me about a baby shower she planned a few years ago themed "Divas & Diapers" and I had always wanted to use that theme. It fit perfectly, considering our little group of girlfriends are dubbed the ... Read More

Heather Bailey – Creative Genius Among Us


Do you ever feel like the world is so small? When I was on my quest for decorating ideas for the TomKat Studio, I was searching "craft room" photos on Google & Flickr. Mostly I saw cluttered, messy craft rooms with the exception of one perfectly bright, lovely space. From my search, I saved ONE photo. This was it.... So as many of you know, my room ... Read More

TomKat Photo Frames: Miss Marley’s Room


My best friend, Kristi decided she wanted to make three frames to hang over her new baby girl's crib! So, she picked out the paper and I showed her how to make the frames. With three in a row, we decided they didn't need any extra embellishments besides the Swarovski crystals! They turned out adorable and match her drapery fabric and crib bedding perfectly! ... Read More

Invitations: Girly Girl Birthday


Please don't mind all my posts on invitations lately! I have set some goals for myself to have a certain number of designs before I open shop! And I am so ready to open shop! So here's my latest: {chloe photo via vicki lynn photography} ... Read More

Kid Fun: Snake Hunting


I thought I'd share a little fun game we've been playing at our house lately. Sometimes the days get long and the kids need something fun to keep them excited and occupied.Enter....plastic snakes and a game I like to call "Snake Hunting". This is very basic really, you hide the snakes around the house, and the kids find them! They get SO excited when they ... Read More

Invitations: Lollipop Birthday


I am working on some new invitation designs so I have something to post when I open my Etsy shop one day! (Hopefully soon!) This design was inspired by Kate's birthday coming up, which is lollipop themed! I'm not sure if I'm going to go with this, or create something in a lollipop shape with my new Martha circle cutter! We'll see.....When I set up shop, I'm ... Read More

Invitations: Sweetheart Birthday


My favorite little red-head is turning three this month and I designed these invitations for her "heart" themed party! {photo by vicki lynn photography} ... Read More