TomKat Photo Frames: Miss Marley’s Room


My best friend, Kristi decided she wanted to make three frames to hang over her new baby girl's crib! So, she picked out the paper and I showed her how to make the frames. With three in a row, we decided they didn't need any extra embellishments besides the Swarovski crystals! They turned out adorable and match her drapery fabric and crib bedding perfectly! ... Read More

Invitations: Girly Girl Birthday


Please don't mind all my posts on invitations lately! I have set some goals for myself to have a certain number of designs before I open shop! And I am so ready to open shop! So here's my latest: {chloe photo via vicki lynn photography} ... Read More

Kid Fun: Snake Hunting


I thought I'd share a little fun game we've been playing at our house lately. Sometimes the days get long and the kids need something fun to keep them excited and occupied.Enter....plastic snakes and a game I like to call "Snake Hunting". This is very basic really, you hide the snakes around the house, and the kids find them! They get SO excited when they ... Read More

Invitations: Lollipop Birthday


I am working on some new invitation designs so I have something to post when I open my Etsy shop one day! (Hopefully soon!) This design was inspired by Kate's birthday coming up, which is lollipop themed! I'm not sure if I'm going to go with this, or create something in a lollipop shape with my new Martha circle cutter! We'll see.....When I set up shop, I'm ... Read More

Invitations: Sweetheart Birthday


My favorite little red-head is turning three this month and I designed these invitations for her "heart" themed party! {photo by vicki lynn photography} ... Read More

Decorating: Serena & Lily SALE!


If you are not familiar with Serena & Lily, you should be! This weekend, 2/12-2/16 they are having a 25% off everything sale! They offer gorgeous baby & children's bedding, furniture, gifts for moms and babies, accessories, and many other fabulous things. Here is a mix of my favorite items available!Request a catalog HERE or shop online for this ... Read More

Fave Decorating Blog: Decor8


I've become a little obsessed with blogging and reading blogs. Well maybe more than just a little. My husband has to pry me away from my computer these days. I just feel like I've discovered a world of people, information, thoughts and ideas on topics that inspire me.{image via decor8}My favorite decorating blog is written by Holly Becker, and it is called ... Read More

TomKat Photo Frame – Black & Cream Damask


I recently made this frame, and I think it's my favorite so far! I used a black & cream damask patterned paper, paired with a deep burgandy rose. This time, I took the paper all the way to the edges, which gives it a nice finished look. Swarovski crystals outline the outer edge, as well as the inner square around the photo. I'm so proud of a few of my ... Read More

Project Nursery: It’s Official!


I was officially announced as a contributor today on Project Nursery! I am so excited to be blogging for them and can't wait to connect with their readers! Yippee! I love their website and blog so I am happy to be a part of it! CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE INTRO "We Love Kim" CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY FIRST POST "Little Love Bugs Party"If you have any exciting baby ... Read More

Valentine’s Day: Little Love Bug Craft Party!


The Little Love Bug party went great yesterday! I think everyone had a great time! I hired my neighbor girls, Kathleen & Christina to help the kids craft, so the moms could relax (or try to at least!) Tables were set up for both the moms to craft, as well as the kids. It was a really easy party to host, as the main activity just entailed pulling out all ... Read More

Valentine’s Day: Eat Your Heart Out!


{photo by me} I can't remember why, but a very long time ago I really wanted a "heart waffler"....maybe I registered for it? Anyway, my mom bought it for me for some occasion and it has been gathering dust in a drawer. With Valentine's day getting close, it came to mind and I finally pulled it out and made some for the kids! I figured they could finally ... Read More

Love from Marblehead!


This pretty polka dot package and its fabulous contents arrived yesterday in my mailbox, from my dear friend Meredith in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Let me tell you a little bit about her. We met through our husbands, who were fraternity brothers at ASU. I remember our first date with the "Nelsons", you're always just a wee bit nervous, meeting ... Read More