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Operation Shower + 100K Fans!

Hello friends! Oh my goodness, this past week has been a blur. I caught the flu last week and it knocked me down hard. I was in bed for four days straight and therefore I am so behind on all things TomKat! It feels great to be sitting at my desk finally this morning, ready to get to get back into the swing of things.


Happy Friday!

I just wanted to pop in and say Happy Friday! I’ve been busy finished up some big projects from this week that will be fun to mark off my to-do list. I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend filled with good food, good friends + good times! I hope you all have a lovely weekend! xoxo, Kim illustration via hello hello design  



…for all of the birthday wishes this week. …for all of the amazing 400+ customers who purchased during our sale. …the gazillion packages sitting by my front door ready to go out today. …the news that we just secured a lease on office space for the shop. …for a husband who has put up with running a busy shop out of our house for four

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art print by Heidi Stock Design Whew. What a whirlwind of stress, sleeplessness, excitement and pure joy I experienced at The Creative Connection. I’m so happy to be home and getting settled back into the swing of things. I really, really missed my family. As a mommy who is usually home 98% of the time, it’s hard to travel. But I have to say, it’s

have i told you lately that i love you

{TomKat Update} A Note of Thanks!

Happy Weekend, friends! You may have noticed that my “voice” has been quiet on the blog lately. My life has been beyond hectic lately with all the projects I am working on paired with moving into our new house {love it!}. It’s been hard to get organized and settled and it doesn’t help that the internet connection in our new house is terrible {working on

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Summer Fun + Moving {Again}!

Although summer doesn’t actually end until September, and we will be “enjoying” 100 degrees+ here in Arizona for many more weeks, it seems time to start saying goodbye to summer ideas here on the blog. With all of the buzz of Back-to-School, and our Halloween and Holiday collections in the works, I thought I would share these adorable summer ideas! I fell in love with this

lollipop collection

It’s National Lollipop Day + Lollipop Party Sale!

I just heard that it is National Lollipop Day! Who knew there was a day to celebrate this sweet treat? Our Lollipop Party Collection was one of the first party collections I designed when I first opened up shop. It was designed for my daughter Kate’s 2nd birthday. It continues to be our most popular collection! To celebrate lollipop’s big day… Our Full Lollipop Collection

toni birthday

happy, happy birthday!

Wishing Toni, our amazing project coordinator a fabulous birthday today! Thank you for being the wonderful person you are. Enjoy every moment!

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{TomKat Team} Meet Molly!

I am so excited to introduce you to Molly Ashton, the latest addition to the TomKat team! Molly joined us at the end of January as our second design assistant. Her main role is handling our printable file orders along with our fabulous, Andrea. The order volume has just grown and grown since Andrea joined me in January 2010, and the need arose for more


{The TomKat Studio} Update!

I just wanted to apologize for our slowdown of posting this week! We are working on a big project {very excited} and gearing up for our trip to NYC for the Martha Stewart Dreamers into Doers Event! Please hang tight and we will resume our regular daily posting soon! We have so much to share and so many exciting things going on! XOXO, Kim {keep calm


Martha & Me: Great Minds Think Alike! :)

Martha and I are on the same wavelength this holiday season!I couldn’t resist picking up her latest issue, with the aqua & red cover! LOVE it! This issue is FULL of great holiday ideas! Pick one up! See….two peas in a pod, Martha & I…..My aqua & red snowflake party inspiration post! hee! hee! Also, did you notice my aqua & red Etsy finds in


Confession of My Latest Obsession {Beware: This Post Isn’t About Parties}

Okay, I’m going to confess….I am lovesick obsessed teenager at heart. Not to mention my OCD, which makes obsessive behavior pretty typical for me. I was OBSESSED with New Kids on the Block during my younger days. I really need to share a photo of my room so you can understand the depth of my obsession. My mom was nice enough to let me “decorate”