Christmas Countdown Paper Chain {Free Printable}

Over the weekend, the kids wanted to make the traditional countdown paper chains for Christmas. They usually make them at school, but not this year so far. We went through all my huge piles of scrapbook paper and pulled out cute red and green patterns. The kids cut the strips and helped staple them together. I whipped up a quick sign for the top of the paper chain and thought I would share it in case you want to make one! {It’s not too late!}

Download the Printable Countdown to Christmas Sign


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    Tristi says

    This is perfect! My daughter and I were planning on making one today. I’m going to write a fun activity for us to do on the back of each slip of paper so when she pulls off a ring each day we have something fun to do together!

  2. 6


    Perfect and MORE CHEVRON! Printing this and putting it at the top of our chains (we made two chains with scrapbook paper just last week!) Believe it or not, my husband said he NEVER did this as a child! Poor guy ;)

  3. 7

    susan@pocacosa says

    so cute! we make one too but on the inside of the chain, we write a fun christmas activity to do every day. :)

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