Cupcake Monday: Mel’s Bridal Shower Cupcakes!

{photo by live love photography}
My friend, Melissa came to town a few weeks ago to celebrate her bridal shower and bachelorette party! I was in charge of cupcakes & cupcake toppers (could you have guessed?) and made these to coordinate with her invitations. Her wedding is in September and she is doing warm, fall colors.
Notice something a little different about the cupcakes (and these)? I finally using one of my many piping tips! I’ve used them before like when we made gingerbread cookies, but not for my cupcakes. It was easy and looked SO much more professional!

I was so excited when two of my friends noticed my new technique!
(They must really love me to notice that!)

Congratulations, Melissa!


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    Christi Bennett @ pisforparty says

    Precious toppers as usual. =) Which painting tip did you use? I've always wanted to try that, but end up being too lazy, ha!

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