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I have joined Cure The Kids for a fundraiser for a very special little girl. Meet Cami. Cami is a brave 8 year old who is battling cancer for the second time. I designed a new printable birthday party collection inspired by sweet Cami. After reading her story and seeing so many photos of this strong girl, I decided a bold, black and white collection with pops of hot pink would be fitting for this little fighter. The pink heart throughout the collection represents all of the love we are sending to Cami and her family. This printable set is priced at only $5.00, so that even if you don’t like the designs or need them, you can still show your support by purchasing it! So pretty please….click here to help! 100% of the proceeds will go to Cami’s medical bills.


There are tons of great vendors involved in this effort, so be sure to check out all of the sales going on to support Cami!

cami collection-4

cami collection-1

cami collection-5

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Cami Collection JPEGs

Click here to buy the Printable Cami Collection for only $5.00!

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    Tina says

    I will NEVER understand why kids are affected by this dreadful disease. Obviously, it is beyond awful when adults get it, but kids….and two times for a 8 year old???? I can’t get my head around it….but, Cami is such a precious and beautiful child and she and her family sound like fighters, so I wish them all the very best and of course, I will be purchasing this gorgeous Cami set! Thank you Kim, for once again helping us gain perspective in life by sharing these touching stories. My heart breaks for Cami and her family as they have a rough road ahead but I send them all my love and strength and tell them NEVER, EVER GIVE UP!!!!

  2. 2


    Wow, what a special design for an incredible fighter. I pray that she is able to battle this fight and remains strong throughout the process. Really insightful article bringing attention about a good cause and moving story!

  3. 4


    THANK YOU TomKat Studio! This set is just precious! I showed it to Cami and she was so excited! Now we need to throw a cupcake party while she’s out of the hospital! Thank you for being so supportive and for lovingly creating this set. It is things like this that get me through the hard times. THANK YOU! XOXO -Chelsea Carver (Cami’s Mommy)

  4. 5


    My prayers go out to Cami and her family. Chelsea, I will say an extra prayer for you…I too am a mother if a child who had Cancer. I know the fear of feeling totally helpless and out of control. Please know that God is the true healer and that through him all things are possible. Thank you to TomKat Studio for sharing!

  5. 7


    Kim!! I’m in tears. There are no words after reading the details of this beautiful little girl’s fight for her life. My heart ACHES!! My little Ella is the same age as Cami was when she was diagnosed. I can’t help but be grateful for my healthy family and I’m so touched by this story. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. 10

    Lucy says

    Kim, you’re a gift. This little girl is precious. Fight like a girly honey! Our prayers are with you and your family!

    Thanks for the great offer on this collection…it is such a cute girly color set!!!!

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