Decorating: Keeping My Ikea Crystal Chandelier!

I just found out that Ikea no longer sells my favorite chandelier, which I bought for my studio makeover earlier this year. Freaking out because I love it, I asked the buyers if I could replace it. (Bought it with the gift certificate my hubby bought me for Christmas) Lucky me, they said yes!

I happened to have a chandelier that matches the rest of the chandeliers in our house from our last house that the buyer didn’t want. How’s that for working out perfect?

My favorite electrician, Ryan just switched it out for me! If you’re in the Phoenix area, he is great and really reasonable! I’ve been working with him on remodels for four years now! Remember my kitchen from the other day? He added those pendant lights for me!

So now…I have a chandelier and an armoire! :)

(And a few other fun things I get to keep, that I’ll be sharing!)

Now…just have to find a new house to put them in.


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    6p00d8341c3d0453ef says

    Congratulations on selling your home! And congratulations on rescuing your chandelier…it's so beautiful! Can't wait to see your new home and all the fabulous ideas you come up with!

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    Anonymous says

    Hi Kim,

    I live in the Gilbert area and wrote down your recommendation for Ryan your electrician. It's so hard to find good people. Do you have a good source for someone to put in tile floors? I'm currently trying to find someone. Thanks.


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    Kim - The TomKat Studio says

    Hi Amy!

    Let me see if I can find info on the tile guy we used for our remodel! (things are packed right now) I'll be back!


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    Julie Gallagher says

    Love your studio. Please do post more photos of your gorgeous (now sold) house! We would love to see it all before it is gone!

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