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We have a winner!

Comment #10 – Lindsay

She said “I have procrastinated but now I want to attend!!! I hope I win!!! XOXO”

Congratulations Lindsay! I will be contacting you about your prize!

Have you heard? There is a fabulous conference called Creative Estates coming to Chandler, Arizona from April 7 to April 9. Kim will be speaking on a panel, “Turning Your Hobby into a Business” along with some of our other favorite ladies! Kim from Today’s Creative Blog, Laura from Laura Winslow Photography, Becki from Whippy Cake, Shelley from House of Smiths, Becky Higgins and many more fabulous women will be speaking! Hosted by Shealynn Benner and Tauni Everett, this event is sure to be fabulous! The TomKat Studio, along with Decadent Delights is sponsoring the Cupcake & Cocktails Welcome Reception! The event is being held at The Inspirador in Historic Downtown Chandler. Here are a few photos taken at the venue by my friend, Tina of Live Love Photography!

We have good news and bad news about the event….

Bad News: We just received word that the event is now SOLD OUT.
Good News: We have secured TWO TICKETS to the event and want YOU to join us!

To enter, just leave a comment on what you would hope to learn at the event. That’s it!
One winner will receive both tickets. Please enter by Sunday, 3/27/11 at 11pm MST time. We will announce the winner on Monday, March 28th. This prize is two tickets to the Creative Estates Conference. Winner is responsible for all travel expenses.

Click here to read more about Creative Estates!


  1. 32


    are you kidding? I would be surrounded by crazy talented women… there is soooo much to learn from you all! Hope I win, I’m in gloomy MI and my sis lives in Tempe {I have a free flight begging to be used from a bump I took during a previous flight!}

  2. 33

    Kimberly A. says

    I would love love love to attend this event!!! A friend of mine and I have decided to turn our dreams into a reality by starting an at home business…and are simply clueless how to jump in and start. We would both love to come out to this event and learn the stepping stones of turning our dream into a reality too!!! We would love to learn how to have the confidence to start a business…and how to be successful with it…and how to overcome our fears of it all:) This would be such a wonderful opportunity for us!!!

  3. 34

    Danielle Hoyt says

    I’m an Interior Designer by profession, creativity is part of my day to day life. Last year was one of deep thought and soul searching of my passions and life goals. Due to the economy, I unfortuneatly lost my job, like many others, and at the same time found out we were going to start a family. I’ve always had a love for everything creative . . .baking, crafting, designing, scrapbooking, but the birth of my son enhanced my love for photography. I would be honored to meet this group of creative, self starting, grab the bull by the horns women. To hear of successful stories of women following their passions in life and still being able to be wives, mothers, friends, would be aw-inspiring. I believe each one of these women on this panel have something incredible to share, knowledge and a dream that I my self would love to grasp and make my own. It’s inspiring to see the list of women above me wanting to be apart of this conference, as I do, and whoever you pick as your “winner” will be one step closer to success, I just really hope its ME :)

  4. 35


    This would be an amazing event to attend. I have recently started a creative blog and would love to learn anything and everything from these veteran bloggers! I know they are so full of great information. Keeping my fingers crossed that I win!

  5. 36


    I am interior designer in Chandler & have my own studio for almost 10 years. I also have a party blog & would love to learn on how to take my love of parties to the next level!

  6. 37


    i live in az and would LOVE to attend and be a part of this creative estate and be surrounded by such amazing women! i would love to take my blog to the next level!!!!

    thank you so much for the chance to win!

  7. 38


    I have an etsy shop, facebook page, blog, a 3 and 5 year old, and am mostly a full time mom, but also working part time at my chuch. I want to go and see how these incredible women BALANCE their lives. Really. HOW? Besides giving up my sleep. and would like marketing ideas. Sewing and creating is who I am. Would love to go!!!! Could drive from CO with a girlfriend.

  8. 39

    Trisha Wright says

    I am local so I would be sure to be there! Pick me…I need to be brave and jump into something which allows me to be home more with my little one.

  9. 40


    What would I hope the learn from Creative Estates? Oh so much! I have started my own children’s party service and I want to learn more about branding my business and how to plan and write an inspiring blog, one that readers will come back to over and over again. I have to say, I have truely been inspired by theses creative entreprepreneurs and I am so thankful that conferences such as this exsist. Not unlike many other creative women, I want to know how to take my blog to the next level and elevate my businesses.

  10. 41


    I am so sad! I was just going to purchase my tickets to the event! :(

    It’s in fates hands now but I would LOVE, LOVE to attend!!!

    I live in Goodyear, AZ and it would be such dream to absorb from so many talents. :)

  11. 42

    Martina says

    Oh my gosh, I would love to attend. My very good friend Angela and I have been kicking the idea around on how to start our own creative business and this would be perfect especially because we both love love love TomKat, and all the other super creative beautiful blogging ladies out there!!!! Please pick me:-)

  12. 43

    Jamie says

    I sew, quilt, cook, bake, and create. Would love to learn more about developing some of these into a successful online business. And I must admit. . .I want to do a little in-person shopping!

  13. 44


    I would be thrilled to win! Shelley is a Utahn, like myself & well I have been trying very hard to balance my life & find ways to channel my creativity, ideas, etc. This would be a dream to attend!

  14. 45


    Hey there,

    I am a Gilbert Mom of 2 boys and I work full time out of the home. I have had my etsy shop for a year and a half and would love nothing more than to turn my hobby into my full time business. My boys are my life and I would love to learn from other women who had the vision and passion and made it all a reality. I believe in never giving up on your dream and would love to hear more about how to make my dream come true sooner!

  15. 46

    Jodie says

    In my dreams I would love to go, but being in Sydney Australia it’s not going to happen but I did wonder if it was going to recorded (video) or if you know they would consider it? I love TomKat studio by the way! Thank you for the daily inspiration. :)

  16. 47


    My name is NataLee -interior designer- and I REALLY wanted to go to the Creative Estates, we just moved to Mesa, AZ a couple months ago and by so doing left my design clientele and income behind in Utah. I had to wait until yesterday (payday) to buy my tickets because money is tight, and was SO sad when I learned they were sold out. I need to go to this conference because although I have great projects and ideas to share with my current followers, I need to monetize my blog so I can afford to do more projects and help my family’s financial position… I know in order to do this I need to increase my followership so it’s worth it to advertisers… unfortunately, I have my follower numbers have gotten stagnant in my growth and really want to learn how to get a good followership. Nothing would make me happier than to be able to make an income doing what I LOVE to do while being able to stay home with my babies (including one on the way… I am 6 months pregnant). I know that I will learn everything I need to know at creative estates and know it will be invaluable information worth my undivided attention… soaking up every morsel of knowledge I can glean from this conference. I need to go, I want to go, and I would be so grateful if I won this great opportunity. Thank you, Thank you!!

  17. 50

    Susie Pederson says

    Would love the tickets! i think that i would learn a lot from the photographers and become inspired since i am starting out my own photography business!!!!!!

  18. 51


    Oh man…I would love to win these tickets! I’m local and I started a blog recently and feel like I have so much to learn! I do a lot of befores and afters and tutorials and link up to all these parties but I think I’m doing it the hard way! Miss Mustard Seed inspired me to start selling some of my stuff at a local antique store and I would love to learn how to connect my website traffic with my store traffic! I also love photography. I’ve wanted to but one of those fancy cameras but am so overwhelmed with which one is the best and not TOO technical. I also love the way you highlight local people (like sweet Kate) and I’ve followed their struggle since you introduced them to us through your blog. Please,please pick me so I can hear all of these talented people speak…including you(yes, I’m not below brown nosing:)

    • 53

      Mandi says

      Hey NataLee…I would love it if you won one ticket and I won one ticket…I am like you…I just need ONE!! HEEHEE!! Good luck! :)

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