{Fabulous Find} White Ruffled Cake Plate!

Okay friends, I just spotted this fabulous cake plate at Pier 1. I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked where my white ruffled cake plates are from. The answer: Costco, like 2 years ago, 2 for $20. Truly a steal and I wish I had stocked up on them. I’m always afraid that I am going to break one and not be able to replace it since we all know that Costco carries products and once they are gone…they are gone.

Finally, I have found a similar style at Pier1 and it’s only $14.95.

Yippee! Find it here. 

A sampling of parties and shoots that I’ve used my ruffled cake plates for…


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    renee unsworth says

    Great deal … I have my grandmother’s depression glass that is similar, but I don’t have a full size cake place. Perfect! Thank you!!!

  2. 4

    Lisa says

    i know there are always things I kick myself for when I pass on them at Costco… Many times.. I remember these and could be so beside myself for not nabbing one. But love Pier 1 and my B-day is coming I think I just might kindly ask for one from moms…. lol

  3. 9

    Erin Tagle says

    Ooooh la la! I reeeeally do not need another white cake stand, but this one has ruffles and it’s a must. Thanks for the scoop! :)

  4. 17


    Yay! Thanks for the tip! I have been waiting for Costco to bring back the blue ruffled cake stands forever. I could kick myself for not getting them when I saw them two years ago because they are so pretty. Making a Pier One run on my lunch break today :)

  5. 18


    That’s one thing I do not like about Costco: it’s here and then it’s gone. That’s why if I really like something I get it . Thank you for sharing the cake stand find. I usually get mine from Home Goods but I am off to Pier 1 to get it. It’s perfect.

  6. 30


    I just called my Pier 1 and they said they discontinued them, I gave her the sku and she looked it up and it told her they will have some in about 2 months or more. Bummer.

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