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I am so excited to finally show you the end results of the full remodel of our new vacation home in Flagstaff! We bought the house this past summer while we were on our annual family trip. We closed in August and the remodel was officially complete by November so that we could host our family for Thanksgiving. It has always been a dream of ours to own a home up North to be able to get out of the heat in the summer, and visit the snow in the winter. We poured a lot of time and a lot of love into this project. We had so much fun choosing everything from flooring to counter tops, to faucets and furniture! I have so many photos to share with you, including before and afters so I’ll start with my favorite photos and then post about specific projects and sources later this week! 








living room 2


master 3










A big thank you to several brands who sponsored specific projects during our remodel and decorating process, including Lowe’s, Coronado Stone and Pottery Barn Kids!

More details and posts: 

Our Flagstaff home is available for vacation rental on VRBO: http://www.vrbo.com/568554

photos by rennai hoefer, ten22 studio


  1. 10

    Liza says

    This house is absolutely stunning! I like how you have little details to decorate but still looks minimal. My kind of look. Good job!

    • 11


      Thank you so much, Liza! We are going to be listing it as a vacation rental, so I didn’t want to have too many decorating items that could possibly get broken! I’m glad you like the minimal design!

  2. 15

    alexandra says

    You have such great taste! Every single room is beautiful! Love the muted colors. So clean and simply organized. Love it. xoxo

  3. 17


    WOW! Kim it’s beautiful! Beyond amazing, love what you guys did! The decor is so warm & cozy perfect cabin like feel!! Can’t wait to see more details. You must share where all your lighting is from! It’s awesome!

  4. 20

    Stephanie says

    Love love love the color palette!!! So beautiful, every detail!! Where did u get the small children’s table and chairs? So adorable!

  5. 22

    Rachelle says

    Love your Vacation Home!!! Love your style……….so Chic!!! You are an absolute inspiration to me on decorating. Keep up the great work Kim!!! Can’t wait to see more pics!

  6. 25

    Lisa says

    I live in Arizona, and this house is beautiful. Just. Beautiful. I love it!! I totally want to steel some of your ideas. I love the neutral color scheme with the white/dark contrast, and the high/low coat hooks… family perfection throughout this home!

  7. 27

    kim chiurazzi says

    It’s beautifully done! You must be so excited to spend time there with your family! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos with us! What a blessing! Enjoy!

  8. 30

    Regina says

    I love the kitchen/bath areas! I can’t want til you post specifics so i can go look at them in person as I want to re-do my bath/kitchen but can’t find anything i LOVE. This i love :)

  9. 37

    Aly Leeper says

    Where did you get the stools in kitchen? The table and cute metal chairs in the nook? I love that loof for our loft. Also, great use of the same countertops — love the flow. What is the countertop?

    Beautiful warm inviting…..

  10. 41


    Wow…the house is absolutely stunning. Wonderful job! I love that you kept the same color scheme throughout. I really think that continuity does so much for a space.

  11. 42

    Sheila Etheridge says

    Super cute… let me know if you ever decide to rent it out for a week. LOVE Flagstaff. My dad used to fly us up there in his tiny plane and I’m pretty sure all we did was hike and ride bikes. :-)

  12. 48

    cheri says

    Source for the houndstooth chair? I love it. Hope it’s not Ballard–too much $$ for my budget! Your “vacation” home is nicer than most folk’s primary house. Lucky you!!

  13. 54

    Kim says

    Your home is beautiful! As a 25+ year resident of Flagstaff, I am always looking at what people do with their homes here for inspiration. Great job!

  14. 56

    Alana w says

    Oh my goodness, your home is beautiful!! Next time you are itching for a project, you can come decorate my house in surprise! As a military spouse we move all the time, and each house is so different….I’m struggling with decorating this house! I definitely look at all your amazing ideas!

  15. 59

    Claire Robinson says

    Love everything about your beautiful house! What is the name of your paint color? Is it the same color throughout your house? Thanks!!

  16. 63

    Jodi Tenzer says

    LOVE every room!!! Where did you get the canvas prints (amusement park ferris wheel and looks to be Brooklyn bridge), the train station stop canvas (above the coat hooks) and all of the burlap type pillow? I want your house!!!

  17. 68

    kim bolyard says

    I love every little thing in your vacation home. Would love yo know where you got the Ferris wheel canvas. Love it.

  18. 71

    Samira Artur says

    I love your home! Where did you get the living room curtains (gray) and what paint color did you use for the walls?

  19. 75

    Zara says

    Where is the 3 light chandelier from (on the dinner table), I had seen it on joss & main but cannot find.

    Beautifully designed house.



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