{Free Printable} February 2011 Calendar!

We have the full year of monthly calendars ready for download, but I will still be posting the monthly calendars as a reminder to print and also to introduce them to new readers!


Can you believe that January is nearly over? What a great start to the new year!
We are looking forward to FEBRUARY, which is going to be a very exciting month!

abulous February Happenings:

  • New TomKat Studio logo & blog launch on February 1st {finally!}
  • 202 Magazine {Valentine’s Day spread} will be published
  • Articles written/styled for a national company will be published {resulting in 8 new birthday themes to be added to the shop!}
  • My 15th anniversary of meeting my husband {We met on Valentine’s Day during our freshman year at ASU!}
  • Planning my daughter’s 4th birthday {We are doing a Paris Fashion theme, inspired by Barbie ~ A Fashion Fairytale, her favorite movie of the moment}


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    GENIUS! Paris Fashion show. I love you! I love you! I love you! AND I'd love you even more if you posted all about it before March 29…my daughter's b-day:D Seriously girlfriend, you are a rock star. Amazing accomplishments!

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    Absolutely Divine!!!! I love love love the Bella Fleur Collection!!! It is so soft and delicate!!! My husband loudly proclaimed, “I am going to have to limit you to one purchase from there a month”!!! Hey, what he doesn't know won't kill him, it will just harm his pocket book :) Only not to much, because there prices are very reasonable, another thing I love!

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