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Halloween falls on a school day this year. Does your school allow the kids to wear costumes on Halloween? Our school does not, but we have a fun Monster Mash party typically on a Friday night, where they get to wear their costumes. So, for the actual day of school on Halloween, Kate likes to wear something cute. Here are a few adorable ideas that we now carry in our shop for girls…




We have hand picked items from our favorite vendors to make it easy for you to put together an adorable Halloween outfit:

Tutus  |  Pettiskirts  |  Tees  |  Hair Bows  |  Necklaces

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  1. 1

    Tina Dahl says

    Our kids school also does not allow costumes at school so all the kids wear theirs to the a Farmer’s Dinner, which is an event at the school with carnival type games, food booths, auction items and lots of fun. Kate will be wearing her new cute witch shirt, black pettyskirt and orange and black leggings to school for the Halloween celebration :)

  2. 7

    Jen O'donnell says

    Can you post the links to the items you featured again? The links do not seem to be working and I am interested in getting something similar for this year. Thanks!

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