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    Lauren says

    I’ve been looking everywhere for items in these colors to redo my office/craft room in! I did find some indigo’ish damasks magazine files and basket/box’s at Ikea! Looking forward to hearing where everyone is finding this color!

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    This is my FAVORITE color, I always come back to it and always buy the blue & white issue of Victoria magazine. There is something so calming about the color blue, ( indigo, or cobalt) just gives you that pop of color. Fiesta ware comes in beautiful cobalt, Spode has made beautiful blue & white china for over 100 years. Pier One and Marketplace both carry hand blown glasses with a blue rim. Ralph Lauren & Tommy Hilfiger both do a lot with denim and classic blues in their designs. Blue & white is such a timeless combination and never ceases to make me smile. here is just one of the 3 posts I’ve done using blue. This one is on the classic French combination of blue & yellow. When I was in France, I loved seeing this combination of the sun & sky, it’s so cheery.


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