{Kate’s 4th Birthday Party} The Barbie Cake…Then and Now!

{kim’s 4th birthday ~ 1981}

When I was little, my mom made the most fabulous cakes! I always love going through her photo albums and seeing the beautiful creations she made for my brother & I’s birthday parties. When my own daughter decided on a Barbie party this year, I instantly thought of the doll cake that my mom had made for my own party. Had I seen this picture again before Kate’s party, I think I would have asked Melissa {Decadent Delights} to match the ruffles. Instead, I googled to find some examples of Barbie cakes and found a pretty purple one that inspired this design {source unknown}. The swirls, rhinestones and edible glitter turned out absolutely gorgeous! My mom didn’t have a chance to pull out this photo until after Kate’s party but when she did I was so excited that it happened to also be for my 4th birthday! It just shows how you can pull beautiful memories from the past to inspire new ones!

{kate’s 4th birthday ~ 2011}

Thank you, Mom for making my beautiful cakes and beautiful memories. Love you!


  1. 3

    Cassandra R. says

    How amazing! Both versions were great. I loved seeing the photos from Kate’s party. Job well done!

  2. 9

    Brigette says

    I had a Barbie cake that my mom made for my birthday when I was little, too! Your pics brought back good memories!!!

  3. 10

    Lisa Anderson says

    That has to be one of the most prettiest cakes i have ever seen. I have 4 kids and recently moved toward making their cakes myself every year. I can see the detail that went into the dress. OMG… it is to die for.. Great job!!! My little Chloe is turning 1 in Sept and I hope to pull off as precious of a party as your daughters!! Great job!!

  4. 12

    Diane says

    This is so awesome! I have a picture from my birthday in 1981 (I turned 5, I’m a year older than you) and I was wearing a smocked dress (but in light blue) and the EXACT same strawberry shortcake pin. How fun to see! You are an awesome party planner but an even more awesome mom!

  5. 14

    Camille says

    You get your amazingness from your mom! I love that she threw you fabulous parties as well when you were little! Such great memories and pics Im sure =)

  6. 19

    Melanie Siena-Thomas says

    I had a Barbie cake for my 7th Bday. Can’t wait to have one for my little girl! The one for your daughter’s Bday was gorgeous.

  7. 22

    TaraRhode says

    Aww, what sweet memories! It brings me back to my 3rd birthday and the doll cakes that my own Mom made for me. 😀

  8. 23


    Lovely cakes! My mum made me some lovely ones when I was little and I have also been thinking about recreating them for my little girl, I just need to get some practice in first!!

  9. 29

    autumn says

    I had that same barbie cake when I was little (born in 1980). It is so fun to do the same parties for my own daughter’s now!


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