Kim Stoegbauer, Guest Stylist for Pottery Barn Kids

What a way to start the new year! I am so excited to formally announce my partnership with Pottery Barn Kids. Last week, my bio page and first project for Pottery Barn Kids was published. I can’t begin to explain how excited and thankful I am for this incredible opportunity. Your positive feedback and encouragement has been beyond humbling.

THANK YOU and I can’t wait to share more of my work for this incredible brand!


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    move over martha – kim is my new “hero”, “idol”, the one i want to emulate (but not copy – that is so not cool in the graphic design world!) seriously, you are doing great, great things! i’ve been following you for about 2+ years now and have watched your business/brand S-O-A-R! i LOVE your designs – both on paper and in your home! i would love to meet you one day and talk shop. you are very inspiring, seem very down to earth and approachable. you make any mom feel she can design a party just like the pros! i would love to be a part of your “design dream team”, that would be my dream! {insert BIG smile & wink here!} congrats to you and your team! you deserve it for a job well done!

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