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kim tomkat studio and martha stewart

The creative/crafting/baking/party blogging world is up in arms this morning about an excerpt from an interview with Martha Stewart on Bloomberg Television.

Martha stated:
“Who are those bloggers?  They’re not trained editors at Vogue Magazine.  Writing recipes that aren’t tested, that aren’t necessarily very good. Or are copies of everything that really good editors have created and done.  Bloggers create a popularity but they are not the experts.”

This makes me so sad.

I have been blogging for nearly five years and I have turned my little on-a-whim blog into a thriving business. Just as Martha started her empire by selling pies and writing a book, we all have to start somewhere. Since the days of planning my wedding (12 years ago) I became obsessed with Martha. Of course, I’ve always know it really isn’t Martha coming up with all of those amazing ideas, it is the incredible, creative staff she surrounds herself with. But still, I love Martha. The creative business she has built has been my biggest inspiration.

tomkat studio at martha stewart

I feel like she just stabbed me in the heart.

My idol just told me I suck.

My idol just said I’m not expert and never will be.

My idol just broke my heart.

martha stewart entertaining book signed copy

I know I’m not the only one feeling this way. There is going to be a big backlash from the very large, very creative blogging community. The community that blogs about her ideas, shares them on Facebook, pins them to Pinterest, promotes her products (without pay), buys her books, and drives the majority of traffic to her website. We’ve looked up to her. We’ve spent hard earned money to visit her headquarters to hear her speak, with the smallest hope to shake her hand. We buy her books and products. We used to dream of making it on to her show. We idolize her and hope to achieve even a little piece of what she has in the creative world.

I am so disappointed.

Are you? 


  1. 111


    Not surprised. Martha has always been about Martha. While I do love the ideas her staff comes up with I have never been a fan of Martha herself, and she just demonstrated why.

    • 112

      Nicole says

      I agree. I used to watch her show and it was painfully obvious that she didn’t come up with any of the ideas. She may have been on her game in the beginning, but now that she is “Martha” she doesn’t seem to do a thing to come up with the creative ideas on her website. To have Martha say that just because you are a blogger you aren’t an expert is just ignorant and shows that she hasn’t kept up with the current methods of exchanging information and ideas.

    • 113

      Marcee ... ILLINOIS says

      Of course, I would be hurt also Kim.

      Certainly I have watched her cable shows. The problem: Martha S. ego has always been way-way up there. Ms. Uppity-pants. Glad I never bought any of her books. Years and years ago, at a garage sale, I did purchase a DIY book for $2.00. One of the first. The magazines in my library were given to me. In reality, I am not one to idolize anyone. Not to extremes.

      Well, I absolutely love, love & love bloggers!!! Yes I do. They have taught me so much over these years, and I appreciate them.

      Can you say Martha S. is too-big-for-her-britches? Yes. You may. In her old-age she is becoming extra hurtful and mean. I (still) do not trust the woman.

      Stop and think …. MS did not get sent to prison for nothing. Just sayin …..

    • 115

      Marcee ... ILLINOIS says

      My guess …. jealous of so much younger talent.

      Not to mention beautiful women, who work very hard and long at their craft and also raise families.

  2. 116

    Gina says

    Simply read The Golden Goose Lays An Egg by Susanna Andrews in the September ’13 issue of Vanity Fair. It will give background as to why Martha would lash out at bloggers – she is clawing to keep her business afloat. It’s apparent she’s afraid a great blogger like you will become as popular as MSLO and that would be catastrophic to her. She needs to be the “best” and she could care less who she hurts and ruins in the process, including the bloggers that use and advertise her products. Just remember, when someone feels inferior they will do ANYTHING to make themselves look superior.

    • 117


      She is not going to ruin anyone. She is a toothless-tiger at this junction in her life.
      Remember, those you meet on the way up you also meet on the way down!
      Start counting your friends, Martha.

      • 118

        Marcee ... ILLINOIS says

        Maybe not …. but MS arrogance is sickening. She is soooo nervy. Jeesh.

        The female does not deserve the millions of fans that have made her a millionaire many times over. Who does she think bought all her products for so many years?? Us ladies!

        Yes …. MS has huge homes. Giant gardens, etc. BUT …. she cannot do the labor and whatnot alone. Her staff does it all. Including cleaning kitchens after cooking sessions, etc.

        I knew this all along.

  3. 119

    christine t says

    Martha is entitled to her opinion. I am grateful I get to visit my favorite blogs everyday. Her website isn’t worth that time to me, but yours always is! Thanks for all you do, you are an incredible talent.

  4. 120

    Jackie says

    I don’t care what Martha says. She used to be my idol. Now you are my idol. I love your blog! I follow it every day! I love the recipes and all your great crafting ideas! You are as talented as Martha — if not, more so!

  5. 121

    Maggie says

    I think her mistake was in generalizing. Tomkatstudio is well above other blog sites in terms of creative new ideas and recipes. I have, as Martha pointed out, made many recipes from blog sites that must not have been tested, because they were total flops. Also, many do just copy ideas and recipes from other sites without giving credit where due.

    I, like so many, will always look up to Martha and her genius staff of “experts”. They have set the bar very high and most bloggers have to really push to achieve such standards.

    • 122


      For 14 years Chris Kimball “American Test Kitchen” has set the bar way above Martha and her team of “experts” without the media blitz that Martha seems to need for her own ego boost.

    • 123

      Marcee ... ILLINOIS says

      Your opinion is interesting Maggie. I disagree though.

      In just “generalizing” thousands and thousands of bloggers can be affected from (her) hurtful words. Her facts are also inaccurate.

      MS behavior and arrogant attitude is nothing less than shameful. She does not deserve to have us as fans or anything that can benefit her empire.

      Her blog is totally self-absorbed & self-centered. Brag, brag and brag …. in every post. It should be called: “MS ….. all about me, myself and I.”

  6. 125


    Am I disappointed? No. Martha Stewart has established a thriving business and is recognized the world over, yes. But she is also a raging snob, egomaniac, and let’s not forget, ex-convict. I don’t hold her up as a role model, never will.

    And by the way, Martha — I’ve tried some of your recipes, and there have been several that were just really not good. My kids wouldn’t even eat your “kitchen tested” chocolate peanut butter brownies because they were so bad. So much for being an “expert.”

  7. 128

    June says

    Love your blog…so many creative ideas. I talk about you all the time when I take local classes here in Minnesota.

    As for Martha…I miss the original Martha. The person I stumbled upon whlie writing my wedding invitations 26 years ago and she was appearing on Oprah. She had what I call an authentic holiday show back then that I believe KMART sponsored because she was being represented by them. I do believe it was still her ideas, filming was done in her kitchen and it just seemed real.

    Not like what we see today or for the past several years. It’s tough for me to judge her because like so many I also looked up to Martha for many years. I however enjoy the creativity of people and it is not “her” work any longer which is why I have become a distant fan.

    I do love the bloggers and you are my day brighteners. With the holidays popping up I’m so eager to see what ideas each of you tosses out.

    Keep up the great work!


  8. 129

    Sarah says

    What she said about bloggers is true, she just forgot to mention all the bloggers who DO know their stuff, and put out great original content.

  9. 130


    This is super disappointing coming from someone who many bloggers look up to. She’s simply putting herself on this pedestal that creativity is hard to come by, and it’s not! Being a blogger and visiting many blogs daily, there is TONS of creativity that people create on their own, not thanks to Martha! She is where she is today because of the support of a lot of crafters, DIYers, bakers and cooks and it’s too bad she has to belittle them without the blink of an eye!


  10. 132

    Nicole says

    Me personally I have never been a Martha Stewart fan, however my heart does go out to all of the creative bloggers that I get to see and interact with on a daily basis. I agree with you Kim when you stated that we’ve all got to start somewhere. Not everyone has a creative team working behind the scenes to make there goods look amazing and yet somehow by the grace of God, sometimes our creations look better that those in magazines!! Be encouraged Kim and keep your head up because you’re a positive inspiration to all those around you and all those on blogging land!!!

  11. 133


    You know how awesome you are. You know how awesome your team is. Not Martha or anyone else can take any of your expertise, creativity, and hardwork away from you.
    When she spoke of those bloggers who aren’t very good, she was definitely not talking about Team TomKat!

  12. 134


    Bloggers are the voice of consumers. We need bloggers to be able to tell us their true opinions about products that people like Martha market, to let people know if its worth buying or not.
    Sometimes when people or a company make a name for themselves they forget where they came from and who helped them get to the top.
    Without consumers Martha Stewart and any company wouldn’t be who they are today.
    What a shame!….

  13. 136

    Susan Elliot says

    I was so excited to get my Martha magazine the other day. Not anymore!!!!!!!! NO more subscriptions for me, Martha you screwed up. I am not a blogger but I do love to read and make their crafts.

  14. 137

    Renee F. says

    I think the issue is that we put these people up on a pedestal and worship them. Think of all the celebrity trash that we take advice from. The fact that they can tell us how to vote, how to live our lives and judge us is wrong. You see them on the TV in jail, doing drugs, getting in fights and basically showing their butts.

    Just because you come from NOTHING and make yourself into something does not mean you should make others feel bad. I canceled my magazine subscription from her. I should have known better since I had the feeling she was still a thief from her jail time, she showed NO remorse. I will not buy anymore of her products, watch her shows or follow her blog. Stick her where is really hurts, her wallet. She is a pretentious snob and thinks we bloggers are little people who can’t hurt her where it really matters. $$$$$$$$

  15. 139

    Meral merchant says

    I think u are over reacting. She didn’t say you suck – pls don’t put words in her mouth. You are a conscientious blogger who researches stuff and puts out quality content, but the majority of bloggers do not. Don’t take it so personally. Relax.

  16. 140

    g says

    Putting stock into what Martha says is not beneficial to you or anyone else. You’re a success because you work hard. She can’t take that away from you. Letting Martha’s words take that power away from you is not good and you shouldn’t let it. Be true to yourself and your followers. Keep working hard and remembering that no one can take your success and passion away from you except you. This is for all the bloggers and small business owners out there.

  17. 141

    Amanda Kirby says

    I live in the UK, so MS isn’t as big over here as it is with you guys over the pond.
    Who does she think she is, who made her in charge.
    I love blogging, even though I don’t blog as often as I should! But I absolutely love reading about other people’s lives, work, interests.
    MS, I think you may have just blotted your copy book once and for all.

  18. 142

    Kimberly says

    Im very disappointed. She is basically dismissing the talent of these incredible bloggers who are certainly my inspiration as a modern day mom who has cavier taste on a cheez- wiz budget. I believe the bloggers are more personable and creative than she will ever be.

  19. 143

    Tesei says

    She’s right that nowadays everybody can write about food but she forgot to mention that there is also A LOT of talent, real talent and creativity, out there blogging. Her words are specially hurtful given that so many of those bloggers are huge fans of her as a person and of her work. I can only think that she made an unfortunate comment from Martha, I find it so hard to believe that there’s anyone who doesn’t recognise the good, amazing work that food blogging is giving place to.

  20. 144

    Karen says

    Martha Stewart has an overinflated ego. She doesn’t come up with most the ideas she has marketed. If you read her magazine, she openly shares ideas from bloggers and states that they are bloggers. How dare she now slam the very people she and her staff steals ideas from. I expect no less from a woman who has made her own business by using others ideas that are not exclusively her own. I love bloggers and applaud their astounding creativity. Kim, you don’t have to answer to anyone. It saddens me that your idol has treated you and so many others with these uncalled for remarks. I, personally, will no longer support anything Martha Stewart sells or presents. I have a subscription to her magazine which I plan to cancel now. I’m over the over-inflated ego of hers.

  21. 145

    Rosemary o'Keefe says

    What an absolutely ignorant thing to say! The television and website media is full of people who are DIY’ers from decorating to cooking to crafting. The people we see posting and blogging and doing it themselves are what keep the creativeness in the world going. To make a statement like that is mean and spiteful, but then again I don’t think MS was ever a nice person. fortunate….yes….Nice….never!

  22. 146

    Michelle Hayward says

    My guess is Martha is threatened by the blogging world. I get more useful ideas and inspiration from the blogs I follow than I ever did when I used to subscribe to her magazine. The blog world is edging out traditional formats.

  23. 147


    Mehhhh! Don’t let it get you down. Sounds like she is basing that off an incident…”I have a gripe about that….” Blogging is HUGE. It’s ignorant and ridiculous to say that bloggers are not experts….most business sites now have blogs…so the person blogging for West Elm and Pottery Barn are not experts?! Come on Martha. I love her products but not simply because they have her name attached to them. It’s a learning lesson that we should never make other PEOPLE our “idols”…she is not invested in bloggers or any of us as people…apparently just Ralph Lauren. LOL! so why should they invest in her? Invest in yourself with God’s guidance you’ll be just fine. They will always be naysayers…clear now that Martha Stewart is one of them.

    • 148

      Marcee ... ILLINOIS says

      Yes. Exactly.

      Well MS daughter Alexis has a blog. Or she did at one time. Hasn’t posted since 12/12. It was fun reading her take on things. We enjoyed her advice. “Expert” or not, one can learn from all sorts of folks, inspirations. I prepared more than several of Alexis’ recipes. They were excellent! She did great food for her little ones. Then again, you have to experiment a bit to make it your own. No harm in that. Think Julia Child!

      Soo, does MS (also) have a gripe w/her own precious daughter Alexis? Who knows.

      Personally, I think the lady is talented. Even more so than her mama. Alexis is not a professional. Nor is she connected to Vogue. Goodness gracious …. lighten up Martha. Stop being so harsh, rude and ultimately obnoxious. Makes your behavior more mean than usual. It definitely let’s everyone know you are an old biddie. Time to retire.

  24. 149

    Dena says

    Funny thing is, yes, some of us are experts. I have two degrees one in business and the other in Interior Design. Have worked for two big named designers and am now on my own. So some of us are “experts” as she would call them. I have also worked with designers that were not “formally trained” and some of them have a better eye than quite a few designers that I know.

    I find it interesting that she sends her products to craft bloggers to test and review on their sites, all that free advertising for the cost of a few products.

    I always loved her, she was definitely an inspiration to me as well, but I quit taking her magazine years ago, because 85% of it is ads, so I was paying her to read about her advertisers. I have better places to spend my money.

    What a shame…………………. I guess bloggers need to quit reviewing her products for her :)

    • 150


      Unbelievable. How dare she bite the hand that feeds her. She is rude & arrogant……& don’t forget a law breaker!!!! She isn’t an honest person & I believe she is the copy cat. She has run the gamut of her creativity & it isn’t original anymore. THAT is why she attacked the bloogers. WE all can’t write a book….but we can write & produce our blogs & be in this creative world. That is what she is worried about. The many more truly creative people out there that are much more creative & talented than she ever dreamed of being!!!!

  25. 151


    Yea, disappointing! I mean.. Sure Ralph Lauren and Macy’s are great companies..but even they started somewhere! Dont forget the little people Martha! Karis of The sunshine party studio.

  26. 152

    jennifer says

    This makes me sad. She is stabbing so many of her fans and customers right in the back.

    I hope she apologizes and see’s how her negative comments hurt people.

  27. 153


    There is something so real and so refreshing that you spoke your true feelings about Martha’s comment. I too am a blogger and I also feel as you do. Thank you for being so candid and sharing your feeling with us.

  28. 154

    Kathleen Mahlke says

    New and innovative ideas for entertaining, fun, creative parties, beautiful food presentation, and a wonderful camaraderie among successful women who balance motherhood and the their careers. Martha would have been more insightful if she hadn’t shown such a shallow view of bloggers. Her reign is ending.

  29. 155

    annabella says

    I lost all respect for her when she broke the law and hurt so many people. Not once did she apologize to the stockholders that lost hard earned money following her because of who she is. I refuse to even buy one of her punches as I have this distaste for what she did to the general public.
    Her comment was her normal ” I am the great one-you are lower than me!!!”

  30. 156

    Freda says

    She really opened her mouth and inserted her foot bit time. I think her brand is going to feel the pinch more and more if she is not careful. There has got to be someone out there with investors willing to stand behind one of you to compete on a larger scale with Martha Stewart, surely. Now is the time for a number of you to gather together and start a business, a larger business. Take the leap of faith. What do you say ladies. I am in my 60 and in no way a pro in the design business, but I think now is the time to strike while the iron is hot. It sure wouldn’t hurt to work up a Privite Offering and sit down with some attorneys and investor types. I bet there have got to be some people who have worked for Martha too that have since left her company and some that would jump ship for a friendly workplace too. I mean she does rule with an iron fist, so I am told. Just saying.

  31. 157


    Well said! She broke my hear,t too, and insulted the entire blogging community. Including those of us who have faithfully purchased and promoted her products. I felt compelled to write my own post on my blog this week, as well.

  32. 158


    Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! Bloggers are such a big part of the scene these days- and she just alienated herself bigtime. I can’t say I’m surprised. Martha has always been a fan of Martha. And I’ve always edged away from her for that reason.

    And now I have an excuse to not buy her goods or support anything Martha. I honestly wonder when was the last time she came up with an original idea. She started out just like us and has come so far she cannot remember her humble roots. It’s a shame that she cannot see the talent in us, that it is wasted on her.

    I cant say that my heart is broken. Maybe because I never idolized her. But I think she’s made a horrible mistake by dismissing a large group of fantastically creative individuals who are directing the trendy winds at a quicker pace than magazines. I consider it motivation for all of us to be the next Martha. Because lets be honest, she’s on her way out and obviously very out of touch.

  33. 159


    Funny how a little competition can shake even the most seasoned veteran. I am not sure what expertise she holds other than what she has learned throughout her years of trial and error….kind of like the same expertise bloggers have after years of the same. Someone’s drinking the haterade :)

  34. 161

    Tysgirl says

    What a slap in the face to all her fans, shame on her. If it makes you feel any better, when I (a very uncrafty person) need ideas or inspiration, I turn to bloggers for help…not Martha Stewart.

  35. 162

    isa says

    Truth of the matter is, Martha needs the world more now than we need her. There are so many creative people out there, who were inspired by her, and in the end she really showed that she doesn’t care about anyone other than herself. Her businesses are hurting because of bloggers and she’s resentful. Too bad she had to voice her opinion about this. She makes me sick……so does her “expert tested” food. Go away Martha……..

  36. 163

    Janine Berryhill says

    Like I said on another site, I go to bloggers who are REAL moms doing REAL crafts and recipes. I never go to Martha’s site or purchase her magazines and books anymore. It’s quite obvious she’s feeling a bit intimidated. You and along with so many other blogging moms are doing a GREAT job…don’t let her hater-ation negatively affect you!

  37. 164

    Yaima says

    Well, I don’t care what Martha says! You are an amazing blogger and everything you create is tasteful and amazing! Don’t let anyone make you feel differently. Keep up your great work! There’re plenty of us following your blog :)

  38. 165

    Kathryn Inouye says

    Martha had a beginning and a learning curve, as we all do when starting something new and are passionate about. I have a degree in Hospitality Management. Spent many years as a cake decorator for Haagan Dazs in their beginning days. I have taken cooking classes. I have also owned 2 restaurants. Yet, with all that experience, I am a great fan of many bloggers. I wish I had half their inspiration and creativity. It takes time, and more time, research and replies to build a relationship with their followers to be a good blogger. Plus money to build an a site that will appeal to people so they will look at their site and become a fan who will hopefully buy something to help keep their Blog going. Bogging is a cottage industry that anyone can do but only dedicated, creative people will be successful at. Martha should be proud of how many sites promote her. Unfortunately Martha is only seeing competition that will make her staff work harder, be the cutting edge, and get going on being even more creative because now by looking at many bloggers her competition has just become very hard to keep up with. I truly admire and enjoy seeing what ideas an unproffesional (Martha’s words) can come up. Many times because they think outside the box. Don’t be hurt by Martha, wear it as a badge of success that you have Martha on the run, and that she had to stoop so low as to critisize bloggers otherwise why say anything if not threatened.

  39. 166

    Kim barrett says

    Kim I’m with you on this! Martha is so wrong which also shows just how in the dark she is about blogs and the 1000’s of talented brilliant women behind them. What a slap in the face. She should be supporting all us little gals out there instead she’s tearing us down. You think you have an idea of someone and the type of person they are then they show you how wrong you are. The blogging world needs to give her a lesson or two what and who they are! Sad she put it out there but I’m sure that’s what she believes and only touched on her true opinion of all us little people. stay calm and keep on Blogging! Kim your the best!

  40. 167

    Katarina says

    First I want to start by saying that the is a fantastic, entertaining and creative blog. With that said, I’m not surprised by Martha’s comment, as I love the team and creativity that she is surrounded by, I personally do not see much as a role model on her.

  41. 168


    I’m of the notion that there comes a time when we should throw in the white flag and let fresh, new, raving, talented, inspiring “experts” replace the old, outdated, has-been, lack of luster, and age-restricted ‘want-to-be-experts’ down the road! Will the real expert please stand up, and team!! I vote you as the real, transparent experts!! Excellent talent and blog!!

  42. 169


    I recently just started Blogging. May be I come from a culture where criticism from our seniors are treasured and valued, I happen to agree with Martha. She is just speaking the truth. Your blog is extremely beautiful. But for every one of you talented blogger out there, there are hundreds of thousands of bloggers like me, who are no expert, who are not creative (at least no now). I don’t feel insulted at all even Martha is talking about me. You don’t have to feel stabbed because I am very sure Martha didn’t say you were one of us. She did say there are some great Bloggers out there. She said that!!!! So you are one of those she admires. In my culture, there was always a saying, “Don’t just take other people’s tags and sit down on their seats.” This means when someone is pointing out certain people doing certain bad things, don’t identify yourself with those people because you aren’t the one they talk about. You have a gorgeous blog, and Martha wasn’t talking about people like you. It’s true there are a lot of blogs out there that aren’t very good. Mine is one of them. But I don’t mind. If I feel I am good, I will never improve. I love Martha’s honesty. This is the kind of teacher I always love, honest, always telling me the truth even when I suck. I will never learn to speak English if not for teachers like Martha.

  43. 170


    I too have been a Martha fan since I was a teen (I am now 48), but over the years have heard her comments not only against bloggers, but against other wonderful tv personalities that are also creative in their own ways. So sad that someone has to take others down to either make themselves feel better or show their true colors that they are intimidated that someone else is great at what they do. I wonder if she thinks she is the first to string popcorn for garland. That said, I still admire how she started and where she is now.

  44. 171

    sandra says

    Come on-from a professional standpoint, Martha is absolutely speaking the truth. Blogging is the equivalent of self-publishing and self-publishing does not make you an expert even if you make money doing it. If you are an expert, you can sell your book ideas to publishers and get your books published. Some bloggers are experts in this regard, but most are not. It is similar to the requirement of publishing research in peer-review journals.


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