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One of my favorite parts about creating our annual Holiday Gift Guide is gathering ideas for my own wishlist! I’m sure my hubby appreciates the hints, too. Sometimes while I’m searching for ideas to feature, I find a few things that I really, really want and I can’t help myself. (Like how I splurged on the Kate Spade Cedar Street handbag yesterday because it is on sale + I used the cyber monday code to save an additional 30%!) Every girl needs a good, new fabulous bag once in awhile. Kate Spade owns my weak spot in this department. I also ordered myself a Whitney English Day Designer, first because I am so excited to get organized and set new goals for 2014, second because how could I resist those black and white rugby stripes? Darling! Stay tuned because next week you’ll have a chance to WIN one of these planners for yourself! Check out the rest of fabulous finds and you’ll find all of the links below!

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right page :: josette bow boot  |  valerie confections sampler  |  monogram tote bag  |  2014 whitney english day designer  |  phone case  |  kate spade cedar street  |  bcbg down coat


tomkat gift guide5

left page :: cosmetic bag  |  home art print  |  gap pajama pants  |  design roots calligraphy kit

happy holidays!


View our full gift guide filled with fabulous gift ideas, delicious holiday recipes + tons of gorgeous free printable designs!


  1. 1

    Tina says

    As soon as I saw that KS sale, I KNEW you would get your new fabulous bag…… it was SO hard to resist that sale :) Love your ideas!!

  2. 4

    MOnique Benjamin says


    We are hosting a progressive Dinner party and I need some ideas on the invite and menu ideas. We will have apptz at one home, dinner at another and then dessert at the third home. We have invited 12 coplues. Please send me any ideas you may have and pictures if you have them.
    Thank you so much!

  3. 6

    missy422 says is good for recipes, Monique Benjamin.

    If you want ideas, as this seems like a big party, think about whether you want it to be traditional, garden, contemporary etc. themed.

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