{New in the Shop} Custom Happy Birthday Banners & FREE Celebrate Banner!

With the popularity of our CUSTOM printable party circles, we have added the option to customize a HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner for your parties! You get to choose the colors & font style! Now, you can coordinate our custom files to match ANY party theme you are hosting!

To CELEBRATE the launch of our custom banners and also to CELEBRATE that we have reached 6,000 Facebook Fans, I just created this FREE Printable “CELEBRATE” Banner for you!

Want one?

First, we would love to know what your favorite font & color combination is on Custom Banner menu…then….
Download your free banner HERE!
Thank you all for your feedback and for being loyal fans!


  1. 1

    Heather says

    I love the blue and green combo because they are not true "blue" and "green"…looks great together!

  2. 2

    Linnette says

    Congrats on the many , many fans Kim! Thanks for the freebie :) I like the Circus font and the color combo from your freebie best! Cheers!

  3. 3

    staci @ lizard n ladybug says

    sweet lollipop would be the font I choose…lime, blue and purple would be the colors!
    Thanks for sharing this!!

  4. 4

    Emily says

    i LOVE the sweet lollipop font with the font color being black, the, and melon and grass for the background colors!! thanks!

  5. 8

    Taryn says

    I love the blue and bright pink combo with the circus font.

    Congrats! I love and recommend TomKat Studio to everyone! Thanks for the freebie!

  6. 12

    Marcie says

    Your'e gonna make me choose??? Love them all! I guess lime and bright pink since thats my next party I am doing and I love the circus font!! Thx for the FREEBIE! love it <3

  7. 15

    cleaglenn says

    i love this!! i would pick the type a font in red, yellow and green. thanks so much…obsessed with your creativity as always!

  8. 16

    Stacey says

    Love the FANCY letters and colorful stripes, especially lime and blue. Since I already got the cute round dots for my twins' first birthday, I would go with stripes for something different. Fun!

  9. 19

    Crystal... says

    For me I love the lime and brown… but for my daughter I am all about bright pink and orange right now!

  10. 20

    Mrs. Diss says

    I love the purple and grass. My daughters room is all purple and green. I also like a few of the fonts – depends on the use, but love Fairy Girl, Sweet Lollipop and Simple Modern.

  11. 22

    Cherry Blossoms says

    I like the simple modern font and sweet lollipop ( the name alone makes me smile!) with bright pink and blue or the navy! So cute! Thanks for the free printable!!

  12. 27

    Mrs. Collins says

    pink with sweet lollilop font, you're such an inspiration! I love party planning and love stopping by for ideas.

  13. 28

    Big E's Mom says

    Thank you@ This is great – love the Fancy font and the pink/yellow stripes. but they all work depending on the event.

  14. 36

    Tricia says

    Sweet Lollipop and the colors would be lime, bright pink , and orange for a fun summer theme party!! Congrats on 6ooo fans!!! Love your site!

  15. 39

    alyssa z says

    Congrats on 6000 fans! Love the bright pink and blue…circus & fancy girl too! Thanks for the free download — it's lovely!

  16. 40

    Gina G says

    Sweet Lollipop and the colors I would choose are Navy, Brown (& either smoke or green)….Thank you for the free download and congrats!

  17. 44

    Julie @ Joy's Hope says

    Adore the CELEBRATE banner!!! You are so sweet and generous. I love the bright combo of bright pink, orange, lime, blue and yellow. As for fonts I love all of yours, but especially love a quirky jumble of a random mix of them together. That would be my fave. Happy day to you!

  18. 45

    Leslie says

    Awesome idea! I would probably go with the bright pink and green and the fancy font. Thanks for the free download!

  19. 46

    Until tomorrow, Jennifer says

    6000 fans thats incredible!!! Congrats. I like the bright pinks and the weet lollipop font

  20. 48

    Lora Joy says

    I love the Sweet Lollipop font. I love the color combo you just did for the celebrate banner!

    but my all time favortite colors are purple, pink and blue together!

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