Project Nursery: It’s Official!

I was officially announced as a contributor today on Project Nursery! I am so excited to be blogging for them and can’t wait to connect with their readers! Yippee! I love their website and blog so I am happy to be a part of it!
CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY FIRST POST “Little Love Bugs Party”If you have any exciting baby products, fabulous rooms, baby shower ideas, or birthday party ideas, send them to me! I promise you’ll get something special from me if your suggestion makes it on Project Nursery!

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    Live. Love. Photography says

    Congratulations Kim! So, so cool! This is perfect for you! I left a comment on the PN post but it didnt’ post right away, so I did it again and now there are 2!!

  2. 4

    Kim - The TomKat Studio says

    Thanks Girls! I’m really excited!

    Michelle – Really cute party and great blog! I used the paint chip idea for the Vday crafting party too! I must have seen the idea in the same place! Thanks for visiting!

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    JoshsojC says

    Kim–I'd love to see what you could do with a "little angel straight from heaven" baby shower theme for Project Nursery. Off the top of my head, it might be kind of like Kate's Fairy Garden party, but maybe with the softer colors that are in the Layla Grace ad at project Nursery? Thanks-

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