Holiday Home Decorating with Shutterfly

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I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend! We spent the holiday with our family up at our vacation home in Flagstaff. It was so much fun to have a full house up there. While we were there, I photographed my latest Shutterfly home decor projects. The latest assignment was to create Holiday Decorating Ideas and boy, did I have fun with this! From canvas designs to pillow and decorative plaques, I designed a set of free templates for you to download and then upload to Shutterfly! I was inspired by my Dream Tree to go with shades of gray and white for the designs. First, I created the graphics including “Merry & Bright” and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and a darling reindeer silhouette. The designs turned out gorgeous on Photo Gallery Acrylic Blocks

shutterfly holiday decor-5

I also used the “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” graphic to create a 16″x20″ Photo Gallery Canvas. Oh so cute! Perfect for hanging or displaying on your mantel!

shutterfly holiday decor-7

shutterfly holiday decor-6

I used the “Merry & Bright” graphic to create this pillow!

shutterfly holiday decor-9

shutterfly holiday decor

I also created a second pillow design with the pretty reindeer silhouette! All of these items are so perfect for adding a holiday touch to your decor this season!

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I hope you like my latest projects! Ready to create your own? 

Shutterfly Holiday Designs

Options for downloading these FREE Holiday designs: 

1. Download from DropBox.

2. Email us and we will email you the zip file.

If you have any questions at all about recreating these designs using Shutterfly, please don’t hesitate to comment or email us! 

Click here to see all of the amazing items you can create on Shutterfly!

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Happy, Happy Holidays! 



  1. 5

    Tina says

    Fabulous Kim….just love the subtle color palette of grey and white….just love it! Can I ask where you got the Eiffel Tower ornament? Kate’s pink Christmas tree in her room is decked out in silver, white, pink and features Eiffel Towers and I’d love to add this to her collection :)

  2. 7


    Hi Kim,
    Had a quick look & did not see the pillows you used. Did you select those on shutter fly as well? I would love to do both pillows you created.


  3. 9

    linette says

    Thank you! LOVE these and just downloaded the graphics. I’d also love to know which pillow on the shutterfly site you used, as I’d like to copy this!

  4. 11

    shelly says

    I can’t wait to add ALL of these beautiful pieces to my Winter Wonderland collection! I especially love the pillows! Did you use the ivory or black on the back of your pillows? Thank you for sharing and Merry Christmas!!!

  5. 15

    Cathy Portnall says

    Hi Kim – I love the Shutterfly items. I would like to make a acrylic block but am wondering if I could get the download for Merry and Bright in a different color? Maybe in red or a pretty green. If so, what would the fee be?

  6. 18

    Pam says

    Hi – thanks, I love the canvas print, but can you walk me through how to order it on Shutterfly? I’ve downloaded the designs. Thanks!

  7. 20

    Christine says

    Hi, Do you have any other designs for Christmas? I love these and am trying to frame several for my wall collage this Christmas. If not, do you have any suggestions for finding some? I’d like to order some prints, such as snowflakes with a red background, or other holiday themed prints with the Merry & Bright print you have in the middle…. I plan on having the Reindeer pillow made as well!! These are beautiful!

    - Christine

  8. 21

    Diane says

    I just received your downloads, but I don’t see a pillow any more. Is it just seasonable or what?


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