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office before

I am so excited to share a few photos of my home office with you! This is the space I spend the majority of my time in while I’m working. It is the best room in the house (in my opinion!), I think my husband would disagree! This room is technically supposed to be our formal dining room, but we have a nice breakfast room off of our kitchen so when we moved in, we decided I could use it as my office. It is so nice to be connected right to the kitchen and greatroom so that I can be working but still in the center of things. I love how bright and open this room is. I had all of the furniture when we moved into this house, but this room really came together when we did the baby shower shoot for Pottery Barn Kids in the space. We added the Pottery Barn chandeliers (one of my fave elements of the room) and ivory silk drapes before the shoot. This past summer I spotted the graphic black and white rug on Gilt and knew it would really finish the space. Along the way, I’ve added art and accessories from my happy place, HomeGoods. A few months ago, we used this space for our One Room, Three Ways for the Holidays for DIY Network and we had time to put the office back together and photographer, Jessica Downey got some great shots! I hope you like it….

office before-005

office before-001

office before-004

office before-003

office before-006

We have also used this room for this HGTV Halloween Party shoot and Kate’s Mermaid Birthday Party.


chandeliers/draperies :: pottery barn
black/white rug :: gilt groupe
paris chairs/lamps/art :: homegoods
art/accessories :: homegoods
ruffle pillows :: pier one
cake stands/notecards :: tomkat shop

Here is the room before we bought the house….


….and when we first moved in….

Flintlock NEW HOUSE1



  1. 1

    Tina Dahl says

    What do I love most, hmmmmm….that rug, the ruffle pillows, the artwork and chairs, the lighting…..but I do LOVE the white ruffled lamps sooooooo much! Just love your style Kim…please come help me decorate our house that is being built!!

      • 3

        Tina Dahl says

        Slow going. We meet with the developer today to get the pool ideas, landscaping design and see the final floor plan and elevations, so hopefully we can break ground like yesterday! I am SO trying not to be a big baby about this, but it is so hard going from our large house to a small-ish rental for 6 month. Eye on the prize though…..all I can think of is sitting poolside with a cocktail and all this will be worth it! Just trying to keep myself busy planning the kid’s Mermaid/Pirate swim party that will be in April and yes, I will be emailing you soon to get the TomKat printables :) And yes, I am a HUGE planner-in-advance…..I think it may be a sickness :) I emailed Mandy yesterday so she could pencil me in for her fabulous cookies.

        • 4


          It WILL be worth it! Just hang in there. You know how fast time flies. We’ll be ready when you are for the party goodies! xoxo

  2. 9

    Cindy says

    Glamorous! Can you share where you have all your storage. Your desk looks so clean. For example where are all your books, craft supplies, bills to pay? I am trying to get ideas for my office.

  3. 16

    Mary Ann Majerski says

    I love all of your pictures. You definitely have a talent for decorating. A Vision of what ….could be….. in a blank room. Thanks for sharing.

  4. 22

    Tracy Guth says

    Fabulous room! I really like the contrast between the windows and the walls. Did you purchase shutters and then have the windows trimmed out to match or did you purchase the entire unit as one? If so, who is the manufacturer and what is name of the color? I love that look. Thanks!

    • 23


      Thank you, Tracy! We just added the shutters when we moved in. It was a local company here in Phoenix and they have them made overseas, I believe. They offer the framed style, which I love!

  5. 26

    Valerie Painter {Greyson Design} says

    Kim! Looks stunning and love the high ceilings and all the light :) This is a random, wierd question :) but where are you hiding all your cords from your desktop computer on the white table? Not sure if you know something I don’t know :)

    • 27


      That’s called photo styling….;) I normally have my laptop on the desk, which plugs into the monitor, but I moved for photos!

      • 28


        Sooooooobeautiful! I would never want to mess it up. I was wondering the same thing about cords (and printer). I have used clear ties to tie my cords around my desk legs so it wasn’t so unsightly. Still looking for a perfect way to have beauty & functionality! Thanks so much for sharing!! I love seeing other home offices and craft rooms! You are always an inspiration, Kim. :-)

  6. 30


    SO GORGEOUS. I wish I had a retreat like this in my own home! Would you mind sharing where you found your beautiful white hutch? I have been searching for one just like it forever. Thanks!

  7. 33


    I just keep looking and gawking at your room. Where did you get the great cream office chair on casters? I’ve been looking for the right combination of office function but soft & pretty.

  8. 35

    Debra says

    I LOVE the room! Your talent for anything creative is amazing, and a talent I wish I had ;) ! Where did you get the white desk chair?

  9. 45


    Your office space is gorgeous!!! I love the colors you used. We are remodeling and [hopefully] very soon I will be picking out things for my new space. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. 49


    Gorgeous Kim! Love how it all came together. If you are over the “Baked Potato” paint color, what are you thinking of trying?

    Are your shutters a rustic brown or are they black. Sunburst Shutters by chance?
    I’ve yet to find a COMFORTABLE desk chair – how’s yours?

    I absolutely LOVE the canvas dress print too!

    Did my email overwhelm you the other day? Ha!
    I just ate a spoonful of dark chocolate – can you tell?
    Hugs, sweet girl!

    Love everything you do!

    • 50


      Hello friend!
      We have just used Baked Potato in like 10 houses and I’m just getting over everything here being so BROWN. I would love more of a gray/tan instead of so brown. But, our entire house is painted the same (except Kate’s pink room) so I’ll have to wait until we move again to do something fresh! It’s such a great neutral color, but after seeing so much white and gray on Pinterest, I’m ready for a change!

      The shutters are dark, dark brown. It was a local company who has them manufactured overseas and then brings them in. I can’t remember the type of wood, but they have pretty big knots and crevices in them.

      I use a cushion on my chair, which doesn’t look good, but makes it comfy!

      I’m obsessed with the dress artwork. There are 2 that coordinate. The other one is on another wall, not shown in the photos! I debated forever whether to use them here or in Kate’s room. I won.

      Oh my gosh, YES…read it and never got back to you. I had so much to say back that I had to wait to find more time. I will get back to you tomorrow on all that good stuff!

      Thanks for being an amazing friend, my dear!
      xoxo Kim

  11. 52


    Great room!! We have a home office but my husbands baseball awards and manly stuff takes up all the space and decor…with 3 girls there is lots of pink in each of their bedrooms and dolls everywhere so I guess it’s only fair I give him one non frilly room!! I am glad I am not the only one who obsesses over cords…I do custom printing and my printer is unsightly but it’s just the way it goes. With all our laptops, iPads & iPhones it’s cords cords everywhere!!
    Tnx for sharing!!

    • 53


      That is very nice of you to share and let your husband showcase his favorite things, especially since you can get your girly fix decorating the girls’ rooms! Yes, cords are everywhere here too!

  12. 54


    What you didn’t like that medieval looking chandelier from when you moved in? Why in heaven’s not?? : )
    Looks gorgeous Kim. I have been looking for a white office chair exactly like yours. Could you include the source for that? Thank you! xo

      • 56


        Jordan – Ha! The house was a foreclosure, so they took it along with EVERYTHING else they could possibly take! Seriously….everything. Even the toilet paper holders and closet rods.
        Thank you so much! For the chair link, please see comment #34. (thanks, Tina!)
        Hope all is well! xoxo Kim

    • 60


      Okay Kim. Taking a second (and third) look at this room. I need those lamps. Don’t tell me homegoods because I know I will never find them again. ;) Fingers crossed.

        • 62

          Tina Dahl says

          I feel your pain Shelley…..I don’t jave a HomeGoods near me either….SO wish the sold their stuff online! So many of things I see in Kim’s blog entries are from HomeGoods and I am so bummed I can;t get any of them :(

  13. 69

    Anissa says

    WOW! For the last year my home office has become the “dump zone” for everything and now could qualify for an episode of Hoarders! I’m in here today as my New Years resolution is to get organized again and de-clutter! Your photos of your beautiful office have really INSPIRED me to get my office back in shape. Thank you for lighting that fire for me! Cheers!

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