We Got Booed! {Free Printable}

We got “BOOed” last night in our new neighborhood! I was so excited the family that BOOed us used our new sign design! {Wonder who it was?!} Have you gotten BOOed or BOOed anyone yet?

What are you waiting for?

Get the sign and instructions here!


  1. 1

    susan@pocacosa says

    your boo signs are all around our neighborhood-we boo’d a few friends/neighboors last week & we were boo’d thursday night! :) it is such a fun tradition-my kids love it! :)

  2. 2


    I started it in our neighborhood (with your sign) and it is so exciting to see the signs spread like wildfire down the street. Then tonight we noticed the first sign on the next street over. Success!!

  3. 3

    Britany Ellerbrook says

    I started this in my office and everyone is loving it! It’s spread to other departments and pretty soon the entire building will have been BOOed!

  4. 7

    renee unsworth says

    I’m trying to BOO my neighbors and my daughters’ teachers at school, but my printer isn’t working correctly. Can’t wait to print your new BOO sign soon … once I figure out what’s wrong with my printer, or buy a new one!

  5. 11

    Julia says

    So what’s the story on being booed? Just print the sign, directions and a treat to leave on the neighbor’s door? Sounds fun!

  6. 13


    fun!! we got Boo’s this afternoon and I was impressed by the cool design and was delighted to find this blog behind it! what a stroke of luck. such a beautiful blog! yay!

  7. 14

    Rose says

    I wanted to download the sign but it says I have to have a facebook account or some other account.
    NO THANKS, I may be in the minority but I don’t believe in “social sites”. I’ll find someone who lets
    me download without becoming part of their ‘social site’.


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