You’ve Been BOOED! Free Printable "We’ve Been BOOED" Sign & Instructions!

Last year, we had the pleasure of experiencing our first “BOO” from our neighbors! A few days before Halloween, our doorbell rang….T & K ran to the door only to see kids running down the street! We opened the door and found a box of cute cupcakes, along with a sign that explained that we had been “BOOED” and instructions on how to keep the fun going in the neighborhood! SO CUTE!

{do you like our scary skeleton?!}

Now that we are in a new neighborhood and don’t know if anyone “BOOS” around here, we’re going to start the fun next week by “BOOING” Tommy’s teacher who lives in the neighborhood, along with our sweet next door neighbors! Speaking of Tommy’s teacher, how sweet was this cookie she brought over when we were moving in…..yum!

I created a printable template and instructions for you to use to “BOO” your favorite neighbors!


Let the “BOOING” begin!

I would love to know if you use these and what treats you deliver!


  1. 31

    Anonymous says

    Fantastic! I was looking for something cute to do to welcome our new members to MOMS Club! Thanks for the template! You rock!

  2. 32

    Kurry says

    Thank you!!! We used to Boo and get Boo’d in our old neighborhood!!
    Looking forward to Boo’ing in our new neighborhood!!!!

  3. 33

    Shannon Chatlos says

    SO PRECIOUS! Can’t wait to BOO tonight, we’ve done it for year’s but you took it to the next level with this Adorable SIGN!


  4. 34


    We have a long-standing tradition of “booing” in our neighborhood, and, this year I couldn’t find our “boo sign” and instructions, so I went on a hunt for a new one. I was delighted to find this. Yours is such a fresh, beautiful design. Thanks for sharing!

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